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PsyPad Privacy Policy

The PsyPad app does not collect any information on users that is not part of a psychophysical experiment run on the platform. Obviously, however, the app collects full information about tests that are run including time of test, responses, thresholds obtained, login id used for the test, and so on. This is the whole point of PsyPad, after all. All of this data is sent to the PsyPad server.

While the server is secure, it is possible for admin users (such as the team from unimelb that administer PsyPad) to see all data for all users. This data will only be accessed for administrative reasons (for example, to estimate the disk space required for the server, to delete unused accounts, or at the request of users).

You should not assume that data collected and stored using PsyPad can only be viewed by yourself. It is your responsibility to anonymise all user interactions. Informed consent must be obtained from any participants in experiments run on PsyPad.

Data collected using PsyPad will never be passed to a third party for any purpose, except under compulsion by a legal order.

By creating a PysPad account, you are consenting to the collection of the above data. When you delete your PsyPad account, all collected data will be deleted including test images, configurations, participant log files and so on. As far is as practicable, all data collected using PsyPad will be stored indefinitely until it is explicitly deleted by a user.