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Welcome to PsyPad!

PsyPad is an open source platform for facilitating visual psychophysics experiments on an iPad.

The accompanying iPad app (available in the App Store) can run staircase or MOCS procedures using a library of images that you create to determine visual stimuli. Your image library can be built using a tool of your choice (eg R, MATLAB, etc), and uploaded through this server. Alternately you can download image sets that have been created by other users, and share your own, as part of the Public Gallery on the server, or just use the Demo Mode. The server can also be used to configure tests, and process logfiles from tests that have been conducted on the iPad. If you want help creating your images, contact Andrew Turpin.

You can create an account at the PsyPad Server. Note that non-academic affiliations are not encouraged, and may result in your account being deleted.

Access the PsyPad server here.

Report a PsyPad bug here.



  • 15/5/2020: The psypad server has been migrated to a new home (again!). It is broken!!! Working on it.
  • 16/4/2020: PsyPad App temporarily not in App Store because I forgot to link a Privacy Policy. Back soon...
  • 17/5/2019: The psypad server has been migrated to a new home. Please email me any problems.
  • 10/7/2018: It's been busy. 5 papers published using PsyPad now...
  • 16/8/2016: And now V2.4 with Central Image and more wav file support.
  • 1/3/2016: It's here. V2.3 with wav file support. Now to update the documentation...
  • 12/3/2014: PsyPad article in Journal of Vision appears.

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