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Welcome to PsyPad!

PsyPad is an open source platform for facilitating visual psychophysics experiments on an iPad.

The accompanying iPad app (available in the App Store) can run staircase or MOCS procedures using a library of images that you create to determine visual stimuli. Your image library can be built using a tool of your choice (eg R, MATLAB, etc), and uploaded through this server. This server can also be used to configure tests, and process logfiles from tests that have been conducted on the iPad.

To request an account to access the PsyPad API, email Andrew Turpin explaining why you want the account, how you might use it, and your affiliation (e.g. University or practice). Please send email from "work" email accounts rather than gmail, hotmail, etc if possible. Nominate your preffered login name, if you are so inclined.

Access the PsyPad server here.

Report a PsyPad bug here.



  • 12/3/2014: PsyPad article in Journal of Vision appears.
  • 21/3/2014: Version 1.1 of PsyPad App ALMOST in App Store. It has background images (e.g. fixation markers), and yes/no capability.

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